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IEEE ICC 2017 Workshop on Advances in Network Localization and Navigation (ANLN)

ANLN Workshop at ICC 2017, Paris, France

Latest news:

  • The ANLN Workshop will be held again at ICC 2017 in Paris. Workshop date will be Thursday, May 25, 2017. Further details will be announced soon.
  • The website for the ANLN 2017 is currently under construction!

About the Workshop

Localization, tracking, and navigation (LTN) – for indoor and outdoor environments – have been gaining relevance due to steadily expanding range of enabling devices and technologies, as well as the necessity for seamless solutions for location-based services. The Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, and 5G communication networks will all benefit from LTN capabilities. A current trend in the design of LTN solutions is to use standard, low-cost, and highly heterogeneous technologies, such as RF signals, inertial measurement units, sonar, laser, IR, or visual light communications. The RF signals typically include WiFi, UWB, RFID, Bluetooth, NFC, 3GPP/LTE, 802.11x, digital TV, or, in general, so-called signals of opportunity. All this entails that the latest challenge in LTN is not only to develop new sensors for LTN but also to design and implement methods that exploit the synergy of existing technologies. Data fusion, cross-layer optimization, and new application environments are therefore key aspects for further advances of the field and present exciting challenges for signal processing practitioners and researchers.

The goal of the workshop is to solicit the development of new LTN methods based on short-range wireless communications as well as new location-aware procedures to enhance the efficiency of communication networks. It will bring together academic and industrial researchers to identify and discuss technical challenges and recent results related to localization, tracking, and navigation, as well as its connection to communication networks.

The workshop is organized in part by the EU Network of Excellence NEWCOM#, the EU COST Action IRACON, the Italian National Project GRETA, and the Austrian National Research Network DependableThings.

Venue, Date

The workshop will be co-located with IEEE ICC 2017, the International Conference on Communications (http://www.ieee-icc.org/), in Paris, France. It will be a one-day event, scheduled for May 25, 2017. (conference program: http://icc2017.ieee-icc.org/program)


Registration information for the workshop can be found through the ICC website: http://icc2017.ieee-icc.org/registration

Topics of interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Advanced data fusion schemes for heterogeneous technologies
  • Cooperative localization and distributed systems
  • Cooperative localization and cloud SLAM
  • Cooperative navigation
  • Multi-agent control
  • Fundamental limits
  • Position-dependent parameter estimation techniques
  • Learning algorithms for environmental mapping
  • Localization via signals of opportunity
  • Hybrid IMU and magnetic pedestrian navigation
  • Ultra-wideband technology
  • Passive and active RFID
  • Spectrum/Energy efficient positioning systems
  • Scheduling techniques for cooperative localization
  • Wireless sensor radar
  • Localization methods for the Internet of Things and 5G
  • Testbeds and experimentation

Important dates

18 Nov. 2016: submission deadline
17 Feb. 2017: notification deadline
10 Mar. 2017: final manuscript
25 May 2017: workshop date

Paper submissions

Paper submissions will be handled by EDAS

Papers will be submitted for inclusion in IEEE Explore under "IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops 2017 (ICC Workshops 2017)".

Call for papers in PDF

CFP for download. (*.pdf)

Previous editions of the Workshop

The ANLN Wokshop was previously held at ICC 2013 in Budapest (link to program), at ICC 2014 in Sydney, Australia (link to program), and at ICC 2015 in London, UK (link to program).

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